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OFFICIAL THREAD: Notify here new or dead chans
Hello, anonymous. In this thread, you can post your discoveries of new chans or notify about the closure of one. The following information is expected: URL*: Title of the chan: Language: Software used: Only the URL field is mandatory as I could investigate the rest. But if you provide everything, it's better. If you wish, you can also make a pull request on Github: https://github.com/sardach/chan.city Thank you for your contribution.
Last Replies::Updated with anon.garden, tubgurl and bharatchan. Also add Indian to the language filter list. Counting 311 chans in 20 languagesURL: https://minilauta.org/ Language: Finnish, /int/ for english speaker Software used: miniboard https://github.com/minilauta/miniboarddrainchan.lol currently a single board ran on tinyib with a focus on underground rap and the culture surrounding it.
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https://irc.bharatchan.com/ https://bharatchan.com/post/b https://bharatchan.com/post/ent https://bharatchan.com/post/g https://bharatchan.com/post/gen https://bharatchan.com/post/meta https://bharatchan.com/post/pol https://bharatchan.com/post/rta https://bharatchan.com/post/sa https://bharatchan.com/post/sci https://bharatchan.com/post/yoga
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idk post ur favorite chans
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